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 We at EXO Technologies are


Today's technologies are reliant on pinpoint GPS accuracy. While sub-meter positioning is currently available, bulky hardware, extensive infrastructure and expensive receivers are required. 


EXO Technologies is taking an innovative approach by developing software based GPS solutions that enhance modern day receivers. By correcting satellite orbit error and clock error at a level never seen before, we have eliminated the inherent error sources within navigation messages. Additionally, EXO algorithms reduce complementary errors and construct a full positioning solution. 




With the injection of our proprietary software PICO, we can reduce the GPS margin of error to mere centimeters. PICO’s software based solution universally integrates with current GPS systems around the world. Our innovation will radically alter the landscape of location-based services. 

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- Patrick Connolly

ABI Research

"I believe these results place EXO Technologies firmly as the most exciting startup in precision GNSS right now and the one to watch in 2017"

"The implications of an order of magnitude improvement in GPS accuracy will be a game changer in application."


- Michael Kaplan 

Kaplan Astronautics

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