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Pinpoint Positioning Software

How It Works

1. We Start At The Source

1. We Start At The Source

A ground breaking Orbit Determination Tool which implements all the latest innovations in astrodynamics, including our proprietary satellite force modeling algorithms designed for GPS accuracy.

2. Error Distinction

2. Error Distinction

PICO’s predictive technology facilitates the distinction of inherent positioning inaccuracies, enabling precise calculations of Ephemeris, Clock, and Atmospheric errors.

3. Receiver Corrections

3. Receiver Corrections

Correction data is delivered through a cloud based solution, allowing standard GPS receivers to calculate highly accurate positions.


Drastically improve the performance of low cost receivers with EXO correction data.


1 Second Time

to First Fix

Correct Ephemeris and Clock data means instant acquisition time. No more waiting 20+ minutes to acquire centimeter level accuracy.

5-10 Centimeter


PICO provides the most accurate real time data to correct satellite orbit, clock and atmospheric affects. The result is a global positioning service with pinpoint "TRUE" accuracy.

No Base Stations


EXO provides corrections to receivers worldwide over an internet connection. GPS users anywhere can now experience instant CM accuracy with no dependencies on personal or commercially operated base stations.





Don’t be. PICO data is introduced before a GPS receiver performs its position calculation. Therefore, there are no redundant calculations being executed by the receiver. Our strength is our ability to generate highly accurate corrections in a predictive manner for GPS satellites, thereby reducing the dependency on connectivity and the need for additional computations.  


Connected and autonomous cars demand real-time accurate positioning. Our low-cost solution will be critical for scalable vehicle systems. Centimeter level accuracy reduces overall costs as inexpensive sensors and inertial units can be utilized. 

PICO works in the sky, boasting 20 cm vertical accuracy without the constraint of being tethered to a second device or base station. Dependable and inexpensive positioning solutions will allow drones to fly safely and efficiently. 

Sub-meter positioning in the palm of your hand. Accuracy at this level has yet to be introduced on a smartphone. The addition of PICO will accelerate a new world of improved location based services. 

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